Lansing Community Information

Lansing is a key city in an economic corridor that stretches throughout the Metro Kansas City area. Lansing has a well-deserved reputation as one of Leavenworth County?s most diversified business communities due to its flexibility and efficient planning to meet changing economic demands. In the last decade, Lansing has initiated several master-planned projects to redefine the city?s infrastructures. When Lansing?s job market is combined with the many employment opportunities available in nearby Kansas City, it becomes apparent why so many have migrated to this wonderful city. Today, Lansing is much more than just a bedroom community for those commuting into Kansas City each day for work.

Lansing?s city streets are lined with smaller, privately-owned retail businesses, specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants, delis and coffeehouses. In fact, Lansing?s diversified economy has provided an extremely healthy environment for businesses employing 50 persons or less. The top areas of emphasis for these small businesses are retail trade, finance, insurance, real estate and wholesale trade. With excellent local support, a productive and educated labor force, a high quality of living and a strong commitment to growth and development, businesses can look forward to continued success in the city of Lansing.

Lansing, of course, is not only defined by its outstanding variety of homes and local businesses. The city currently maintains five municipal parks covering more than 50 acres with amenities such as basketball and tennis courts, cross country trails, barbeque grills, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, playgrounds, shelter houses, volleyball courts and softball fields. Currently, Lansing has five recognized parks: City Park, Willow Park, Lost 80 Park, Highland Playground and Kelly Grove. Several other parks and a sophisticated trail system are currently in the developmental phases of Lansing?s City Beautiful project.

Lansing is also recognized for its outstanding educational system. The Lansing Unified School District #469 provides a full range of educational opportunities from kindergarten through 12th grade. The Lansing public school system serves more than 1,900 students. The graduation rate upon completion of the required four-year curriculum for high school students is 99%. The State of Kansas has honored all Lansing schools with holding the highest accreditation. Additionally, each school maintains good standing with the North Central Association, which accredits schools in the Midwestern U.S. Over the last decade, the school district has had several National Merit Scholars, appointees to the major military academies and a Commendable National Merit Scholar. Overall, the Lansing School District is ranked number seven in all of Kansas and Missouri by Ingram Magazine.

When it comes to community spirit, Lansing?s most notable special event each year is the Lansing DAZE Festival each May. Other exciting community sponsored events in the form of carnivals, fairs, parades and art shows are scattered throughout the year as well. For those wishing to travel into Kansas City, a plethora of recreational opportunities awaits. This modern metropolis is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The city is home to professional sports teams in football and baseball located near the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals stadium, and supports several collegiate athletic programs. Kansas City also has a long list of performance halls, concert venues, theatres, museums and other cultural centers in addition to an eclectic mix of fine restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

Residents of Lansing benefit from the exclusivity of small, family-friendly neighborhoods combined with the economic opportunities made available by a thriving regional economy. For those seeking a move to this part of the state, a little research will soon uncover the simple truth that there is no better place to live, work and play than in the city of Lansing.

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